If the driver has been installed using Traditional Mode then the following fix will apply

Open Print Management as an Administrator on the print server

Right click affected Virtual Queue and click on “Pause Printing”

Double click Virtual Queue to open queue properties

Click on Ports tab

Note all the ports in use.

Tick “Enable bidirectional support”, untick “Enable Printer Pooling” and click “Apply”

Select IP address of correct device to build queue against and click “Apply”

Click on Device Settings Tab

Change Automatic Configuration to “Update Now” and wait.

The driver will update and reopen the print queue.

Click on Ports tab

Untick “Enable bidirectional support”, tick “Enable Printer Pooling” and click “Apply”

Tick all the ports original used, untick the IP address port and click “Apply”

Click on Device Settings Tab

Update any settings, including paper sizes and click “Apply”

Click on Advanced Tab, then “Printing Defaults…”.

Ensure that relevant options are available.

Close Printing Defaults Window then click “OK” on the print queue window.

Test new queue works


If the print queue is being pushed out by Group Policy, it may take sometime to push out the new settings.