As some of you know, the CouchBase element of Equitrac 5.7 that provides the distributed cache for the DCE service can be problematic. Nuance have now released a hotfix for the DCE service that removes the need for Couchbase when DCE is not setup in a HA environment (HA for DCE is not supported for Xerox anyway). As well as the DCE hotfixes, additional hotfixes for other components are also required so you should check the release notes for the DCE hotfix as this list the minimum versions required for other Equitrac components to support the new DCE hotfix.

Once the DCE hotfix has been applied, Couchbase can be removed by running the following command from an administrator command prompt:

msiexec.exe /x {117365BC-02C3-4EB8-B597-4E44C7B379D5}

I have tested this, including the removal of Couchbase, in my lab environment and everything worked as expected including forcing the DCE cache to be used by stopping the CAS service and then logging into a device with my card.

It’s unfortunate that at the moment, you have to install couchbase with the main Equitrac 5.7 installation, install the hotfixes, and then remove couchbase. Nuance will be releasing v5.8 Equitrac sometime soon that will have the DCE hotfix built into it and will not initially install couchbase.