Issue being seen where the user attempts to login at a HP device and sees the below error.

Errors can be seen in the Event Viewer: 

Equitrac was fully patched to latest Hotfixes, Server had been restarted and all services restarted. 

Issue is due to port being blocked. On 2 occasions, this has been the cause.

For the latest occurance, we were advised that nothing had been changed, no patching, no GPO updates etc. The customer utilised the Windows Firewall on the server. When this was turned off it allowed us to successfully register the device and login. 

Ensure the relevant ports are open bi-directionally and reinitialise (if Xerox), if HP click OK under the Equitrac Device Configuration option on the EWS. 

When we enabled the Firewall again, this failed being able to update, same as the error seen further up the solution, cementing the issue being the firewall/port.