After trying to  configure again today as standard procedure we were faced with the same issue  where the device hangs on login and then shows could not connect to the server  error. In the background you see it logging out soon after logging in and then  the error displays. Trying to log in to diagnostics following this results in a  locked screen. Only thing to do afterwards is pull the power cable or hold  power button for a while.


The fix for  this issue was to perform the below in order…


  1. Factory       initialise from secret boot menu (ensure to perform dc132 afterwards)
  2. Perform       DC301 NVM sys-user initialise
  3. Perform job       log clear from secret boot menu
  4. Perform       storage device initialise from secret boot menu (not HDD initialise)
  5. Perform       factory reset from device tab on home screen
  6. Perform       software reload (I used USB mode from secret boot menu)


The above  finally cleared all device settings, removing the pull print icon and restoring  all app icons as when come from factory.


Thanks to Sean  Sutherland for the tips as he had endured many issues at Wogan house this  weekend which resulted in his findings. I’m not sure if procedures were all the  same for him but mine above where what worked. 


Best of luck  everyone with the next MEX!


Best regards