1. Go to Apps tab on Printer web interface
  2. Select Scan To
  3. Set auto-detect to “Colour”

Select File Format to “TIFF” – then slide the option to on for “Combine Files”

Click Ok to save changes

Reboot the device; this seems to be required to fully update settings (You can do this from web interface by going to – (HOME > SUPPORT (bottom of page) > Reboot))

Next (At Control Panel)

On the control panel, delete the .TIFF one touch scan – Select .Tiff app

At bottom of settings – select Delete

  1. Once deleted, select the Scan to app on home screen - (If it is not there go to apps on web interface, choose Scan To… and select Show)
  2. Choose the destination from the contacts
  3. Scroll down to bottom of app page and select “Save”
  4. Select “Save as 1-touch scan app”

** See below images for help