• Must use a USB memory stick with at least 1GB of free space.
  • The .dlm file must be in a folder name ALTBOOT at the root level of the USB drive while ensuring that you DO NOT have a folder called Upgrade at the root of the USB drive.
  • Within the ALTBOOT folder on the USB drive a file name FORCED_UPGRADEĀ (case sensitive with no file extension) must be included. A copy is attached to this solution article.
  • If you wish for no data to be restored so it's a fresh install, ensure you include the file DISABLE_DATA_BACKUP in your folder. A copy is attached to this solution article.


  1. Power down the device.
  2. While the power is off insert the correctly configured USB memory stick in the USB slot at the front or side of the device.
  3. Power on the machine and within a few minutes, the upgrade interface window will be displayed on the device's local UI, showing the upgrade progress of all relevant modules.
  4. After the upgrade has completed, the device's local UI will display as message asking you to remove the USB memory stick and press the '0' hard key on the local control panel.
  5. The device will reboot numerous times and will also encrypt it's HDD.
  6. After about 20 minutes, the device will come to ready and print a software upgrade report and a configuration report.
  7. Some devices and some firmware revisions will now perform a secondary f/w upgrade, usually for the scanner and any finishing equipment attached. This will happen automatically within a few minutes of the device coming to ready after the initial f/w upgrade.
  8. Once the upgrade is fully complete, the device will require full reconfiguration for connecting to the customers network.

Drive should look like below: (This is for 75xx device; firmware will change depending on model)