MAC’s above 10.9 should be able to use SMB, below should use FTP.

HOW TO SETUP SMB SCANNIGN TO MAC (on OSx 10.9 and above)

  1. Create folder on desktop

  2. Go to Preferences – select Sharing

  1. Tick “File Sharing”

  2. Under “Shared Folders” click the plus sign and add the folder

  3. Under “Users” click the plus sign and add the account you will use for access and give it read/write access

  1. Click on options

  1. Click on Guest tick box and enter password for account when prompted

  2. Click Done


Settings on the printer should be as per below:

**If the scan fails, then on 10.10 and above, MAC's use SMB v3 and upgrading to the Xerox latest firmware should then resolve the issue and get SMB scanning working