If you get an issue where when on 2003 server you get an error "Handle error" and nothing prints or when you print a test page it states "test page failed to print, troubleshoot yes or no".

Below may resolve the issue as it did for me.

This issue occurred on this one server and other 2003 servers were fine, they used it as an RDP server so users could remote on and print using a specific piece of software.

Tested with other queues and drivers (GPD and PCL6) native as well and all had the same the same effect so proved it was not the driver.

Other servers seemed to have 3.0 and 3.5.1 framework installed, 3.5.1 errored but 3.0 installed and this resolved issue.

See below full resolution details.


Install .NET Framework 3.0 and reboot server. Uninstall any print queues and reinstall.

This will not work.