If you have users for example in France coming over to UK and they are on different Domains and you want them to be able to use follow-you but they will be logging on with the French Domain, then you will need to reconfigure Equitrac as explained below.

First what will need to be done. Is add the French OU to the AD sync group. Once this is done then add the French domain to the “External Authentication” security to allow it through.
Once this is done, it should pull through the users automatically, if not, then just add the users and they should be able to print fine.

Below are steps do this once you are on System Manager; if assistance is required to do this let me know.

Add French OU to AD sync group:

1. Click configuration on left pane.
2. Under “Network Environment” select “Directory Services Synchronisation”.
3. Then add new container.

4. Select the OU group required.


1. Go to “Security and Authentication
2. Then select “External Authentication”

3. In the dialogue box, click right arrow and then add second Domain in and click Ok.