When using the above driver it seemed to crash the publisher every time they tried to select print or the driver from list. The below information resolved issue.

Unchecking this box allows the job to print normally. By default it is always on; I didn’t investigate whether or not it is possible to set it to be off by default. This was accepted by the end user as a fix. Each print job tends to be unique so saving options is not a requirement.


The following thread on the Fiery forums pointed me to the workaround:


They mention other manufacturers so the issue is between some Fiery drivers and Publisher 2013.


While investigating I tested with the Options>Advanced>Print>’Use XPS-enhanced print path when available’ disabled; this caused Publisher to crash with a more normal application crash with a popup, rather than quitting straight to Desktop.


If I had to point a finger I would say the Fiery driver is at fault. The last driver release was October 2014 and this was the version running on site (In Product Updates it was listed as FIT100225872, the EF871189.PPD within was Last Modified 2013-09-18 00:19:27).


The Fiery was already fully up to date with patches as updates were set to Automatic and the Xerox itself was on 072.xxx.xxx.23401. There were no MS Office updates available either.