This usually occurs when the Xerox Global Print Driver doesn't receive feedback from the device to auto-configure the relevant features of the device.

This can be any number of reasons as listed below...

1) The IP Address provided doesn't match the one programmed in the device

2) The device is disconnected from the network or powered off because it's faulty

3) The Regus network is incorrectly configured to not allow the correct protocols from the device to communicate back to your computer, specifically SNMP traffic

Each Xerox device within the Regus network has an Internal IP and an External IP address associated. Usually, you should connect to the external IP address but as this is often not configured correctly in the Regus network, the internal IP works just as well, when you are on that site.

Therefore, if you find you are not getting the correct features in the device as outlined in the Setup Guide, try the alternate IP Address.