Unable to install XDA due to needing .NET 3.5.



Tried to install .NET 3.5 through 'Turn windows features on or off'. This did not work as .NET 3.5 was not added during the installation of the OS. I downloaded it from the microsoft website but this was also unsuccessful.



I put the windows installation disk in to the cd drive. D:\sources\sxs is the location on the disk where .NET 3.5 is. Tried running dism.exe /online/enable-feature/featurename:NetFX3/Source:D:\sources\sxs/LimitAccess from cmd but this failed.

It failed becuase there was a security update for windows 'KB2966827'. This was an update for .NET 3.5 even though it was not installed. Uninstalled this update and ran the command again and this it was successful and installed 3.5.