This procedure is to get machine logs. It will extract the machine logs from an operational machine and store them on a USB thumb drive in an encrypted file.


  • An operational machine
  • USB thumb drive with at least 500 MB of space available.
  • The autolog_collection.dlm.

Note: If there is not enough space on the thumb drive you will get a "Failed to Verify USB" message on the upper left of the UI.

  1. Extract the zipped file to your USB thumb drive. It should be placed on your USB thumb drive in a folder called autorun. (not case sensitive). If you already have an upgrade or altboot folder on your USB drive, you must rename it.
  2. If this is a boot problem, power on the machine and wait at least 30 seconds before inserting the USB drive. (The machine does not need to be fully booted.) Skip to step 4.
  3. If the machine boots properly, let the machine boot and connect to the machine's web page to enhance logging.
  • Go to Properties.
  • Go to General Setup.
  • Go to Network logs.
  • Select Enhanced and then Save. (Note: Enhanced should only be selected if specifically requested by Xerox 2nd or 3rd Level Support personnel)
  • Recreate the problem (Email, Workflow Scanning, Fax Forwarding, etc.)

Note: If the problem cannot be recreated after a week, change the logging back to Basic.

  • Reboot the machine after recreating the problem.
  • While the machine is fully booted, insert the USB thumb drive

  • The UI will display a message about the machine is about to reset. You may also see the message "Please wait Services are being retrieved."
  • In the upper left side of the UI, "Creating Archive" message should appear. (It may take a while)
  • Then "Encrypting Archive" will appear in the upper left side of the UI.
  • Then "Copying To USB", will appear in the upper left side of the UI, there will be a count up to 99.
  • When it is finished, "Done remove USB drive" will appear in the upper left side of the UI.
  • Remove the USB thumb drive.
  • The message "Rebooting" will appear in the upper left side of the UI.
  • The machine should now automatically reboot.
  • Send or upload the captured logs to the person that requested them. (They may need to provide an FTP site which may require a Xean Connection.)