To update the PagePack PIN:


  1. Press the Log In/Log Out button (key picture, at the top and on the right of the touchscreen)
  • User ID is ‘admin’, then press Next
  • Password is ‘1111’, then press Enter
  • Press Machine Status button to the bottom left of touchscreen (copier picture with letter i on it)
  • Press Tools, on the top right of touchscreen
  • In Common Service Settings (middle pane), select Maintenance from the right hand list (may need to scroll down slightly)
  • Select PagePack PIN
    • [Optionally, from this screen you can check ‘PagePack PIN Status’ to show ‘Metered Supplies Enabled’ or ‘No Contract’]
  • Select Activation Code
  • Press the empty white box, making a keyboard appear
  • Enter the updated PagePack PIN and press Save
    • [If there is any uncertainty over the exact characters in the PIN, change to a range of fonts until you are certain as the 24 lockout from 3 incorrect attempts cannot be overridden]
  • Close/Exit out and the machine should request a reboot; press Reboot to acknowledge new PIN