All of the features listed below should be purchased from Xerox through the normal channels. They are listed here for special cases where the codes are lost or unable to be purchased

WorkCentre M118


Scan to E-mail                        O5NsMIfzVFAm


WorkCentre 7228/7235/7245/7328/7335/7345 


Network Accounting Kit A3sv3tgR9eG6

Scan Kit 03CLhZHpgDur

Scan Kit CPp92SecHJwx

Scan Kit wj8Yk0h4KwT9

Scan Kit dKw9MHbSyuOY

Scan Kit B9Zaz07KsLA8


WorkCentre 7232/7242


Enhanced Scanning Kit (OCR)  *DG4wdaqrdh0

Scan to E-Mail w$nceGaD8qNP

Scan to E-Mail lGS3*IIktTI5

Network Scanning 6vGTDupEVS6p


WorkCentre 7328/7335/7345

Data Security Kit C0wcrWNaTQC*

Scan Kit b5q58qwu7gSE

Scan Kit xv*id300qfVr

Scan Kit 50xhD*y9C880

Scan Kit 6I1qqxQNHh2h

Scan Kit *jMuEDXZxLRq

Scan Kit iDzxZZmAGuIx

Scan Kit v54Ffx3QDGnm


WorkCentre/Copycentre/Pro 123/128/133/7132


Scan Kit                              80FbjMRdr#1r

Scan Kit CPp92SecHJwx

Scan Kit wUSV9axpA#j3


WorkCentre Pro 35/45/55 


Network Scanning                       51984913

Scan to E-Mail 77959024


Workcentre Pro 232/238/245/255/265/275 


Network Scanning                       23242097

Scan to E-mail                         37942998

On-Demand Image Overwrite 16649233

Immediate Image Overwrite 78604671


WorkCentre 5225


Scan Kit                               JXB5nKpJPgEW


WorkCentre 7120 


Initialisation Code C$58Ps

Initialisation Code kRHX8*

Scan Kit                               lyWAE6edRU7u

Scan Kit                               jG1RIrBr*o4x

Scan Kit                               QS6ia7hFikEr

Scan Kit                               gT2i8t2E4xFI

Scan Kit                               CUwd11TrMJ3B

Scan Kit                               7F3hNK9MKb*M

USB Enablement Kit                     mZ9iWR6N9aAN

USB Enablement Kit                     GXl48oxOUF2W

Network Accounting Kit gQdq6Mlj5SP1


WorkCentre 7132


Scan to E-Mail                         wJ3KlX8rvmKU

Scan to E-Mail                         cstaCQ8eg23y

Scan to E-Mail                         0elSe4gOw*HR

Scan to E-Mail                         CXlZdjoqQ4HO

Scan to E-Mail                         8bJuMtB#p6RI

Scan to E-Mail                         OK5PuDbvK012


WorkCentre 7425/7428/7435

Data Security Kit 64u0upQMibDx

Scan Kit                               eVSH#ct5kFOP

Scan Kit                               udEXcEH#VpJc

Scan Kit                               OddhZzYk5nIv

Scan Kit                               FmBTm6KMPSp*

Scan Kit                               #AmrjW7sWbg6

Scan Kit                               UGQKKBudnfA#

Scan Kit                               END4jq0AKbrV

Scan Kit                               #YwDAHkWdsOr#

Scan Kit                               Y2HFzVH5z8D8

Scan Kit                               YDDQDeY3*0nm

Network Accounting Kit                 ulhhMKjBjHPc


WorkCentre 5632/5638/5645/5655/5665/5675/5687


Network Accounting Kit                 - 19556917

Server Fax Kit                         - 78330347

Server Fax Kit                         - 78330347

Server Fax Kit                         - 38341105

Server Fax Kit                         - 15842415

Server Fax Kit                        - 32735564

Server Fax Kit                        - 78330347

Internet Fax                           - 03469677

Internet Fax                           - 03469677

Internet Fax                           - 09490851

Internet Fax                           - 69125408

Internet Fax                           - 80936131

Internet Fax                           - 86962201

Network Scanning                       - 61890816

Network Scanning                       - 12248542

Network Scanning                       - 63135255

Network Scanning                       - 23297443

Network Scanning                       - 50802838

Network Scanning                      - 58839292

Scan to E-Mail                        - 83991804

Scan to E-Mail                        - 47724472

Scan to E-Mail                        - 62587569

Scan to E-mail                        - 21857286

Scan to E-mail                        - 61749461

Scan to E-mail                        - 23675563


71xx, 72xx, 73xx, (74xx? NOT TESTED)


Delete Software Enablement Codes -ClearAllFlag




Scan Kit - 0LG4bLnjoo2d

Scan Kit - ZK9FbnzxiFSa




Workflow Scanning                          - 75963895

E-mail - 42044461

Server Fax - 95438911

Internet Fax - 87152494




Full Scan Kit 1 - DJCWNRPULWQL@

Full Scan Kit 2 - CZYMSKSUHNWR@