Follow these steps print a document where the first sheet is on Letterhead stock and the second and subsequent sheets print to Continuation stock

<Tray Configuration>

For a WorkCentre 78xx, the following tray configuration gives you Plain A4 in the highest capacity paper tray, followed by Letterhead in the second highest capacity and Continuation paper (assigned the Pre-Printed paper type) in a normal tray.

OPTIONAL: It can be useful to set some trays to be Dedicated. This will prevent the tray use being changed during normal reloading and ensure the Letterhead & Continuation works in a busy working environment

<Add steps to set trays as Dedicated>

<Print Driver Setup>

  • Choose Pre-Printed Paper Type:

  • Go to Document Options tab
  • Go to Special Pages sub-tab
  • Choose green Covers button
  • Set the following options:
    • Cover Options to Front Only
    • Front Cover Paper to Letterhead
    • Duplex options to Print on Side 1

Verify the Special Pages tab looks like this:

Under Saved Settings, click the small down arrow and Save As...

Enter in an appropriate name - Letterhead & Continuation has been used here

You can now select your named Letterhead & Continuation option from Saved Settings to load all of the saved configuration