NVM initialization is your best bet if you want to perform a factory default on a 78xx


Since this information is usually restricted to Xerox engineers, I’ll ask you to keep it to a restricted and competent audience.


1. Enter the UI Diagnostic (CSE) Mode:

1. Press and hold the 0 button for approximately 10 seconds then simultaneously press the Start button. Release both buttons after a few seconds.

2. On the Service Diagnostics Login screen, enter 6789, then select Enter.

2. Select the Adjustments tab.

3. Select the dC301 NVM Initialization tab.

4. Select the Domain, Sub Domain, and NVM Data location using the radio buttons on the UI screen.

5. Select Initialize to run the routine. (Select Close to exit the routine without running it.)

6. When prompted by the software Are you sure you want to initialize? select Initialize.

7. After the initialization is complete, use the data accumulated in Initial Actions to restore the machine to its previous configuration.