The Xeretec Mail server is limited to around 20MB when sending emails out of the organisation.

We also have a limit of around 20MB when receiving emails from an external source. If you wish to receive large emails, you may wish to point your customer here.

If you wish to send out larger emails than our Mail email server will allow, you can also make use of our personalised Smash file transfer solution that our customers use to submit large files to us. It's a service which we pay a subscription fee for that is similar to the westransfer page that Xerox used to sponsor. The files are kept on-line for up to 30 days (although this can be adjusted) before being automatically removed. Additional benefits include password protecting the download link and some personalisation options.

Send Large File Attachments

  1. Log onto
  2. Use the website facility to upload your files
  3. Either use the built in email facility or obtain a link to embed in your own email - Each has their own benefits...
  • If you use the built in email facility, you will be notified when the recipient downloads the file
  • If you obtain the link, you can simply copy and paste the link into your own email with your own formatting etc

While our Smash transfer page has a password facility built in, if you have extremely sensitive files to transfer, you may wish to securely encrypt them before making them available via this service and then supply the password in a separate email to the same recipient. 7-Zip is a free opensource software that support military grade AES-256 encryption and here is a guide on using the encryption. You may need to raise a ticket to get this software installed.

If you have any questions surrounding the Smash file transfer service, you can checkout their sercurity page here. Otherwise, feel free to raise a ticket by emailing We pay a small subscription fee to obtain the benefits of this service.