If a Factory Reset doesn't bring the SafeCom Controller back online, you may need to perform a MiniFTP reload.

To perform a Factory Reset

With the SafeCom controller powered on, hold down the SafeCom Controller's test button for 8 seconds until you see all the lights flash and let go. This will put the controller back to factory defaults and perform a reset. 

If you have an apparent faulty SafeCom Controller, before an RMA can be processed, you must attempt a Mini-FTP Reload of the firmware. This actually resolves a lot of problems with faulty Controllers and is highly recommended before going through the RMA 

The attached PDF is a snippet from the SafeCom System Administrator Guide.

The attached Word Document provides the same instructions but with some additional screenshots.

The attached zip file is of a slightly older firmware which needs to be extracted accordingly before uploading via the MiniFTP process.

The attached exe is the latest firmware available which needs to be run and extracted before uploading via the MiniFTP process.