When replacing one or more of the toner cartridges, the life level is reported as 0%, with an installed date of 30/11/1979. If a cartridge is removed, it is not detected and there is no message to reinsert the missing consumable. There is a message to order the consumables but not replace, and the copier will continue to run until the toner is empty. A new toner cartridge does not reset the level to 100%.

Can happen immediately after entering Activation PIN


NVM location 740-061 (CRUM mode) should be set to 0 (Xerox mode), but was reading 1 (3rd party mode).


First remove the toner cartridge(s) with the problem and shake the cartridge(s). Ensure that auger on the end of toner cartridge turns freely.

NVM location 740-061 is a READ ONLY NVM location. In order for it to be changed you need to change NVM 740-062 from 0 to 1 then POPO the machine. This will switch the device back to Xerox mode.

Re-enter diagnostics and confirm 740-061 is equal to 0 and NOT 1 as previous.  

Re insert the cartridges.

Exit diagnostics and check the affected toner cartridge status, the cartridge should read 100%

If not, as the picture below, you will have to insert a NEW cartridge for the colour displaying the RED X since the CRUM on the existing cartridge has now been written to as 0% (in this case Yellow).

To solve the situation completely you will also need to replace the 2 other colours displaying "!" triangle plus the K colour toner cartridge. Eliminating the Red X situation will get the machine running for a few pages only, unitl the machine says "replace toner" (red X)