If you are trying to print to a Regus configured MFD and your job is simply failing when it reaches the device with error code 016-757, it is because you have either entered your ID incorrectly, have not entered it at all or your ID doesn't exist on the device.

  1. The most common cause is because you haven't followed Step 2 in the guide. Please follow the guides on the Xeretec Regus website very carefully, ensuring you have followed ALL the steps.
  2. Please ensure you DO NOT type a password - only your Regus Client ID is required.
  3. Please ensure you are typing your Regus Client ID correctly.
  4. Please ensure with the Regus Team Centre Staff that your ID is correctly entered on the device.
  5. If you feel the features are not listed as described (Secure Print & XSA), try this guide for assistance.

If you are still having issues, please raise a ticket here stating your Regus Client Ref ID, Regus Centre and device IP Address that you're trying to print to.