The Xerox devices can submit meter reads to Xerox directly using an available internet connection.

Quite often, for many different reasons, the device is unable to communicate with the Xerox servers over the internet and displays the error message "SMart eSolutions communication failure"

Since XDA is most likely to be installed to provide a centralised method of submitting meter reads for multiple Xerox devices (along with MPS if your are on an MPS contract), there is no need for the devices to submit these readings too and therefore the SMart eSolutions can be disabled to remove the error message.

Simply navigate to the SMart eSolutuons Setup page on the CentreWare Internet Services of the device and set the radio button to 'Not Enrolled'.

CWIS > Properties > General Setup > SMart eSolutions Setup > [select] Not Enrolled...

Once saved, the error will disappear.