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In Server 2008 R2 HA clusters cant be accessed via IP. We had this issue in our environment where we couldnt workflow scan to our cluster with any Xerox products. Xerox by default resolves hostnames to IP which in turn makes it unable to access HA clusters.

To implement fix

This setting can be turned off on newer Xerox machines (7545, 7535 etc) with a hidden feature.

  1. Access the feature by typing in:      http://YourXeroxIP/diagnostics/resolveHostname.php (resolveHostname.php is case sensitive).
  2. Uncheck "Enabled" on the resolve hostname option
  3. Your xerox machines can now access HA clusters by name
  4. If your machine does not have this hidden feature, contact your Xerox support

**Important** When setting up scanning to HA clusters through the Xerox you must use the FQDN. For instance, hostname will be (replace contoso with your domain). 


SFR: Modify the security caveats for the WC75xx 

Remote UI Special Instructions:

  1. Access the devices hidden page http://<deviceIP>/diagnostics/remoteui.php
  2. Select the speed of network
  3. Click RemoeUI
  4. LUI of the machine will be visible in the same window. SR2 message, "Remote UI is in use" will be displayed on the local UI and Remote UI will be displayed In "User" button (in English and French language only)

http://<Device IP>/ diagnostics/lockFiles.php 2

Customer tried to disable the lock folder (.lck) in the WC7535 by editing the scanning lock folder option in the hidden menu in diagnostics, but it did not work. 

Special Instructions

  1. Navigate to hidden device webpage at http://<Device IP>/ diagnostics/lockFiles.php
  2. Disable the lock file
  3. A reboot is needed after changing this option


http://<Device IP>/diagnostics/SuppressPCLError.php

ESC E at end of file causes extra page to print out as a PCL error

Special Instructions

  1. Navigate to hidden device webpage at http://<Device IP>/diagnostics/SuppressPCLError.php
  2. Enable the Suppress Error page option
  3. On the devices webpage go to Properties à Connectivity à Protocols à Raw TCP/IP Printing
  4. Enable PDL Switching on port 9100
  5. Reboot the device to ensure setting is enabled

<URL unknown>


SFR: Follow You Print jobs held for resources do not display a pop up

Special Instructions

  1. On the CWIS site go to: 
  2. Properties /General Setup /Paper Management /Required Paper Policies
  3. Select the ‘Also display pop-up alert’ radio button and ‘Apply’


All the customer's WC 7556 are displaying 16-593-00 DHCP errors.

Special Instructions

  1. Access the devices hidden page http://<deviceIP>/diagnostics/selectDhcpOption.php
  2. Enable the Disregard DHCP Option (119)
  3. Select DHCP Packet Format (Broadcast)
  4. Click the “Apply Changes” button
  5. Click the “Reboot Machine” button 


Customer needed to make sure that the printed queues did not show up on the LUI of the Job Status panel.

Special Instructions

  1. Access the device's hidden page: http://<deviceIP>/diagnostics/hideotherqueuesbutton.php
  2. Turn the option on
  3. When he goes back to the printer, the Completed Jobs tab is still there. When he applied this on the 57xx, it removed the tab.

Appendix B - Print on Alternate Paper

Special Instructions

“Print on Alternate Paper” is a feature available for jobs that have not started to print yet and that are held-for-resources. This feature allows a user to select a tray for the held job to print from instead of having to load the correct media.

In order to ensure the “Print on Alternate Paper” option is available to the user when a job is held for resources, Print Around must be enabled and Selective Spooling must be disabled. A device reboot will also be required. Print Around is enabled by default, but if you have disabled it for any reason you will need to re-enable it if you want “Print on Alternate Paper”.

To enable Print Around

Note: An SFR is in progress that will eliminate the steps for manually disabling Selective Spooling and calling a service representative to enable Print Around. The SFR is planned to be available by 3rd Quarter, 2014.

  • If Print Around has been previously disabled call your service rep to change NVM 604-419 value to a 1. This will enable ‘Print Around’ 
  • Selective Spooling is enabled by default, so this must be disabled. To disable Selective Spooling go to the hidden web page: http(s)://<Device IP>/diagnostics/SelectiveSpooling.php. Disable Selective Spooling and reboot the device. 

To use the “Print on Alternate Paper” feature when a job is held for resources, press the job in the active jobs queue and select the “Print on Alternate Paper” option. 

Once the “Print on Alternate Paper” screen appears, you will have the opportunity to choose a tray for the entire job to print from. Banner pages must still be printed on either Letter or A4 size, so those paper sizes must be loaded in order for the banner to print. The rest of the job will print from the tray that was selected from the “Print on Alternate Paper” screen.