I personally came across this bug in December on a Colour 560 running one of the new EXi 570 RIPs running FS100 System Software. Jon encountered it on a J75 so it likely affects all FS100 RIPs. 

  • If you run the web setup from the Fiery Web Tools page on installation and select Graphics & Proofing as one of the four configuration options, printed jobs will fail with a message along the lines of 'User does not have adequate permissions to print'. Jobs can be reprinted from CWS or Fiery app on the LUI.
  • To resolve, open Fiery Configure and under Users and Groups, check the box for 'Allow users to print without authentication'.
  • Choosing one of the other three configurations options and skipping that step will likely avoid the issue altogether.

There is also a minor problem with the latest EXi 570 driver off the EFI website where some of the installation steps are in French. As far as I can tell the driver after installation is all in English and works OK.