A basic guide on how to utilise the Forms Overlay feature in a Legacy Xerox WorkCentre Print Driver

You may have your letterhead in Microsoft Word and make use of it with letters without any issues. But when you need to use another application, such as an accounts package that doesn't provide any ability to include some sort of template to provide the background letterhead, the below can provide this functionality from within a print driver.


Please note that this solution is using a legacy print driver from a device that is no longer available from many years ago, that included this specific feature. This is no longer available within today’s print drivers and a software solution would be required to provide the same functionality. As this is a dated driver that has no support, there is very little that we can do if this suddenly stops working. I can certainly confirm I’ve been unable to make this work with Windows 8 and I’ve had to revert to a Windows 2003 server to provide the screenshots below.


The legacy driver used to provide the Forms Overlay feature is the Xerox WorkCentre 72xx PCL 6 series driver. It can be called anything else e.g. Forms Overlay...


When you click on the [Properties] button and navigate to the ‘Watermarks / Forms’ tab, you will find the ‘Forms’ overlay options at the bottom…

Here you will see it’s probably set to ‘Image Overlay’ and the current letter head is identified below, which you can select from the [Browse] button. These are forms that have been previously created.


To create new forms overlays, you will need to open up the document you wish to be the form (PDF or Microsoft Word) and navigate to the same window as above but select ‘Create / Register Forms’ and create a new form file…

Ensure you create a new filename and don’t overwrite one you have already created.


With the above set, just send the print job to the printer, as if you were to print normally and the form overlay file will be created. Note that no print job will print out though.


Now that the new form has been created, you can select the form, just as you would have previously, ensuring the ‘Image Overlay’ option is selected and the correct form File Name is chosen in the field below.


As stated above, this is a really very old driver that is no longer supported and will not work on the latest Operating Systems from Microsoft. We can provide alternative options in the form of software solutions to provide the same functionality and this must be considered upon renewal of this device.