Problem: While attempting to create a booklet the printer outputs a PS font error
Notes: Customer was attempting to print a PDF inside Internet Explorer using an Adobe Plug In.
  1. Download the PDF and open in Adobe Reader
  2. Open Print Dialogue Window
  3. Click on Advanced
  4. Under Font and Resource Policy, change to Send For Each Page (See highlighted text in Additional Notes below)
  5. OK/Exit
  6. Setting should be retained indefinitely but not between users

Additional Notes:
Font And Resource Policy
Specifies how fonts and resources in the document are sent to a printer when those fonts and resources aren’t present on the printer.

  • Send At Start
Downloads all fonts and resources at the start of the print job. The fonts and resources remain on the printer until the job has finished printing. This option is the fastest but uses the most printer memory.

  • Send By Range
Downloads fonts and resources before printing the first page that uses them, and then discards them when they are no longer needed. This option uses less printer memory. However, if a PostScript processor reorders the pages later in the workflow, the font downloading can be incorrect, resulting in missing fonts. This option does not work with some printers.

  • Send For Each Page
Downloads all fonts and resources for a given page before the page prints, and then discards the fonts when the page has finished printing. This option uses the least printer memory.