This error can occur because of several potential issues...

  • Operation Timeout.
    • In almost all cases, this error is caused by an Operation Timeout and simply clicking back and [Next] again will complete the registration. It has been known to attempt this several times before it is accepted.
  • The Sub-Account Registration Key was not found in the system. Please click "Back" to go to the Registration Information screen to correct it.
    • If there is still an issue and it refuses to accept the Sub-Account Registration Key, please confirm the key has been entered correctly. Review the email you received from Xeretec and ensure you 'Copy & Paste' the entire string, omitting any spaces and the beginning and end of the key.
  • Contract setup has not been completed. Please retry after 5 minutes.
    • Give it 10 mins and retry the process again.

If after several more attempts the registration doesn't progress past the above screen, please reply to the email stating the problem and we will re-issue you with a new Sub-Account Registration Key or a Technical Analyst will assist you with a remote session.