Useful info for ConnectKey products, may be applicable to other US based devices... (Also known to work on some Fuji products as well)


Press [0] (zero) and hold for ten seconds

Whilst still holding down [0], press the [Start] button

A box will appear on the device screen, enter [2732] or [6789] (see details below for each description)

Tools mode will then become active

Access to both CSE and full diagnostics mode can be accessed via the Web UI. Once diagnostic access to remote UI is enabled, login into CWIS with username: diag and password: 3424. Once the remote session is active, you will have an additional 'service diagnostics' button. Press this and then logon using the normal passcodes:

CSE - 2732 (bypasses lock screen and gives limited access to tools)

Diagnostics - 6789 (engineer access to diagnostics, including test pages and NVM stuff.


While in Diagnostics, access the following menu to disable SafeCom login

  • Press Initialize NVM
  • Choose Reset Network Controller System and OK
  • Exit Diagnostics and reboot machine
  • Machine will reboot and you should now be able to enter the default admin/1111
  • -------

     If the default admin/1111 has been changed, you may be left with performing an ALTBOOT with FORCED_UPDATE and NO_DATA_BACKUP


    Additional Information (UNCONFIRMED)...

    9201 / 9301 etc locked by Safecom

    Press all 3 at the same time # * (stop/red button) and keep held down

    Will then ask for pass code, which is

    1991 press enter